18 May 2016

Gonga Deals this week!

I'm running a promotion this week for the Dragon & Hawk saga.  Legacy of Blood & Fire had its official release date on May 15th, and since this is also my birthday month, let's celebrate!

Starting May 18th, Spirits of Wind & Fire will be featured in an Amazon KINDLE countdown:
May 18:  99 cents
May 19:  $ 1.99
May 20:  $ 2.99
May 21:  $ 3.99
May 22: Regular price of $ 4.99 resumes

Please note these are only for Kindle format ebooks. The paperbacks are regular price.

For an even better deal from May 18-21, Book Two, Dreams of Fire & Rain will be a FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD.

The entire trilogy is now available in both ebook and paperback formats. It has been a true labor of love to compose, revise, and re-edit this saga. If you've read any or all of these books, please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads. Reviews are a great way to support your local authors and give them a smile now and then.

On to other Works in Progress this summer, then who knows? Perhaps my original idea of a five-book saga may still take shape... after all, the Great San Francisco Earthquake looms on the horizon, as does the Mexican Revolution, World War I, and the Deportation of Bisbee.  I'm sure Reyna and Evan will let me know. 

Happy Reading and Writing,