18 January 2016

New Year, New Books!

Only halfway through the first month of the New Year...at least I got a post up now!

Now available on Amazon
Big news is the release of KAPOW! 2--Good Girls Edition only yesterday. KAPOW 2 picks up where the nefarious villain-esses left off as the Super Heroines kick into action! Ready now in paperback AND Kindle versions! POW! BAM! ZOWIE! Jump into the action-- and don't forget your cape!

The other big news is that I have re-edited Dragon & Hawk and the entire trilogy will be republished by Scorched Hawk Press. Book One is now titled Spirits of Wind & Fire. It will be available on Amazon shortly in both print and Kindle. I'm currently re-editing Book Two and Three, hoping to have them both ready to go by February. 

Watch this space for more information, and as always, if you've read anything of mine, please consider leaving a review. 
Happy Writing,