12 February 2016

Happy VD!

Happy Valentine's Day! What else did you think I meant?

This is not my favorite holiday, to be honest. Forcing someone to treat you with affection because it's expected from a commercial standpoint is rather silly. My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the big chocolate sale on February 15th.

So for those of you who who don't particularly enjoy all the implications that you need to have a significant other in your life to be considered a whole person, I'm giving you a little gift. All day Sunday, February 14th, through Monday, February 15th,  my short story collection,
Key Connections will be a free ebook. That way, after you hit the chocolate sales, you can curl up on your favorite chair to read and much to your heart's content.

For those of you who don't have Kindle or just hate dealing with Amazon, no worries. Simply use the email link on the upper right section of this page and I will send you a PDF of the book. Offer starts at midnight, February 14 and ends at 11:59PM on February 15, 2016.

Happy VD to all, and Happy Writing,


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