29 February 2016

Dreams of Fire & Rain

Finally, Dreams of Fire & Rain (Dragon & Hawk Book Two) is now available via Amazon. This is the third edition of the Dragon & Hawk trilogy, definitely new and improved as each book is revised and re-edited.

Why new titles? Partly to ensure there is no problem with establishing the fact I have the rights back to my stories, and partly to tie the entire series together in a more coherent way.

I have to say, I adore the new book covers for this series. Dreams of Fire & Rain  is by "Mystic" via SelfPubCovers.com. If you are an indy author, check out their inventory. They have some absolutely beautiful creations.

This one took me quite some time to revise. I've learned much about my craft in the ten years since this was originally published as Celtic Fire, Desert Rain. The emotional intensity resonated as I re-read the story, and I hope the improvements I've made please my readers. I loved redoing this story. Did I mention how much I love the new cover? ha ha.

Now it's on to revising and editing Book Three, whose new title will be Essence of Blood & Fire. I hope to have everything ready and the book released by the end of March. Stay tuned.

Thank you all for being wonderful readers, encouraging fans, and marvelous humans.

Happy Writing,



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