04 May 2015

Damn, Time Flies...

Wow, did I truly miss the entire month of April here? I have good reason. I'm TRYING to finish two projects and reality keeps getting in my way. I won't promise to keep up on a weekly basis because obviously time has a way of evading my brain, but I will try to not go an entire month.

Project #1 is still my Revolutionary War historical fiction with lots of action and dirt on what really went down in the Colonies.

Project #2 has a real deadline at the end of May and that is the Babes Who Kick Ass Project, aka the Super Villain vs Super Heroine short stories for 7DS Books. This is a completely different experience from anything I've done before so it's occupying every possible writing moment I get. Which, as you can tell, isn't much lately...I need a good dose of insomnia.

Happy Writing,