20 January 2014

Bumped UP

Woot! My third novella in the Save The Last Dance series, A Torrid Tango, will be released one month EARLY--on 03 February 2014 instead of March.

I truly enjoyed writing this series, thanks to my dear friend, Marg Brassington. She let me live vicariously through her adventures taking ballroom dance lessons and competing for medals. I'm not a graceful person but I can appreciate the skill and dedication it takes to compete in any sport, and especially learning to dance backward in high heels. So thanks, Marg!

Watch this space in two week for a chance to win a fee download of the entire series...

10 January 2014

After the Rush

The holidays are finally over. Decor is back to normal, guests have gone home, kids are either back at school or about to return to a college campus.  Some of us are exhausted, some of us are eager to return to a regular routine, and some of us are a bit depressed that all the excitement is over.

It's akin to when I've finished a manuscript and it's put to bed, proofed, galley-proofed, and about to be published. It's a bit of a letdown. All the work is finished, that sense of urgency to commune with the characters is done. Consummated, the courtship is over, the pact sealed. What next?

It reminds me of a wonderful song by the late Dan Fogelberg. A talent too soon taken from us, Dan had a great song called "Make Love Stay" about what happens once you've had your happy ending:

Moments fleet, taste sweet within the rapture
When precious flesh is greedily consumed
But mystery is a thing not easily captured
And once deceased not easily exhumed


Mystery is the key to a good story, the puzzle of how the conflict will be resolved. Characters who have become real to us can never be allowed to become too familiar--there should always be an element of unknown involved or they become stale and boring. I've seen this happen in a book series, where it's the same old situation repeatedly and the character becomes boring, predictable. It's hard work to keep that spark of surprise alive, keep a beloved character as refreshing and vibrant in book five as he or she was in book one. It's a challenge I enjoy, and throwing the monkey wrench of life's realities in allows a character to keep evolving, ever changing. Like relationships, it's work, but worth every effort.

Happy writing,