30 September 2014

Change of Reason

Changing season, change of reason. Ever notice how people start to change their way of thinking when the planet turns into a new angle? We prepare for winter in the fall physically and mentally. Perhaps this is more noticeable in the East or where the weather gets nasty, but even here in the desert the mindset shifts with the autumnal equinox.

Of course in Tucson, it's a myth that the weather gets cooler when fall arrives. After three to four months of triple-digit temps, most people are quite ready for a nip in the air. But we truly can't expect coolness until the end of October. Even then, we often hit the mid-nineties in November. Just ask the folks who set up the Tucson Celtic Festival and Highland Games, which annually runs the first weekend of November. Wearing wool tartans means sweating profusely and dehydration is likely more often than not.

Winterizing in Tucson means wearing closed-toe shoes and shirts with sleeves. Seriously considering sitting on a restaurant's patio for lunch is no longer a confirmation of insanity.  There is no further need to race other drivers to shady parking spots. We don't have to put up storm windows, worry about raking piles of leaves, or changing the car to snow tires.

Yet, here we are on that cusp of October, eagerly anticipating nights cool enough to open the windows and days when the AC isn't constantly whirring. It's a new outlook of relief. Now ideas fall like leaves to litter the recesses of the imagination, no longer preoccupied with surviving the heat.

Time to rake a few into a pile and jump in!

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