08 April 2014

Hot off the Presses!

Somewhat unexpected but always welcome is the news a compilation of your short stories has been published. My three novellas involving ballroom dance--A Dangerous Dance, A Wicked Waltz and A Torrid Tango--are now available as one in ebook and print formats as Save The Last Dance. Exclusively from Amazon by Champagne Books.

Cover design by J.Ellen Smith

The story of a woman trapped in a loveless marriage and a man held hostage by contract, Save The Last Dance explores how two people destined to be together learn to stand alone before they dance off into the sunset. Tragic and funny, Maggie Pearce and John Hamilton are surrounded with all sorts of crazy characters, good and not so nice. Give it a whirl by the pool this spring, then write a review if you would. It's a fun spin around the dance floor. 

Happy reading!

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