11 February 2014

Wild West Welsh Cowboyos!

Yeehaw! It's the Cowboy Casanova Giveaway Hop to celebrate everything we love about hunky romantic cowboys. Thanks to fellow Western romance author Lily Graison for inviting me to join in the fun! Living in the desert Southwest, land of ranches, ropin', and rodeos, I've captured some of the endearing traits of the iconic cowboys we all know and love from the movies and mixed some of that fantasy with reality in my "Welsh-tern" trilogy, Dragon & Hawk.

My "oil painting" rendition of Evan
Evan Jones is an immigrant from Wales who longs to go home. Like many of his countrymen, he
came to America to work in mining. But the boyo hates being underground, and embarks on a series of  adventures that not only nearly get him killed but open his eyes to a world he never expected to appreciate.

What I love best about Evan is he's far from perfect. He's a bit of a dolt, talks too much, isn't above cheatin' at cards, is blind to what's right under his nose, but he has a heart as large as the Western sky. Sometimes he communicates more clearly with his horse than with the women he encounters, but once he's hooked, it's for life. He's fiercely loyal, and loves deeply, soulfully. There is no length he won't go to for those who matter most to him, whether his brothers or the woman who captures his heart.

    Velvet Ass Rose, Madam of the Diamond Emporium, smiled graciously as she stopped beside
Evan and bussed his cheek. "Good to see you again, Evan. Alton tells me you have a new one for us tonight?"
    She was resplendent in purple velvet and sequins, a red ostrich plume in her hair. Evan liked the way she smelled of rose soap and lavender and crisp sheets. Her thick dark hair was swept up and showed off a lovely ivory neck. A stunner, certain sure, she ran the Diamond Emporium with flair. Evan found beauty and sharp thinking in one package most alluring. He enjoyed her company, even when he'd finished. If he'd had more money, he'd have treated himself that night as well.
    "Madame Rose, may I present my baby brother, Huw?" Evan said proudly. "He's nineteen and the day, a bit behind in learning the ways of romance."
     "Evan!" Huw's red face matched Rose's plume.
   She threw her head back and laughed freely, the sound like a joyous silver bell. "Romance, is it? Well, young friend, welcome to the Diamond Emporium School of Romance."
     "I'm thinkin' you'd choose a suitable, patient teacher for him. He'll need lots of guidance, probably need to repeat a lesson—or two." Evan chuckled, patted Huw's shoulder.
     "I have the perfect schoolmarm for you, honey," Velvet Ass Rose said. "Gentled many a colt, teaching the ins and outs of gait, so to speak. Here now, I'll take you there myself." She turned toward the staircase, signaling for Huw to follow. "Well?" she asked, amused at Huw's open mouthed shyness. "Don't just stand there gawking, sweetie, come!"

     "No doubt he will, Rose," Evan called after them. "No doubt at all!"
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  1. Nice covers

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Thanks, for coming by, bn. I've been very luck to get excellent cover artists. These were done by Trisha Fitzgerald and Amanda Kelsey.

  2. Liked the excerpt. Thanks for participating in the blog hop and for the giveaway!
    Samantha Hodges
    samanthahodges64 at yahoo dot com

    1. Thanks for playing Samantha! Enjoy the rest of the Cowboy Casanova, and check out my other hop on this blog, the Love-Struck Valentine's Hop.

  3. Hey, Jude! I just had to say that, having seen the Tribute to the Beatles a few days ago. :-) Anyway, thanks for participating on this blog hop because I'm sure glad I got introduced to you. I adore western romances, mainly historical but sometimes contemporary. I'm happy I've "met" another western romance author. Thanks for letting me know a bit about yourself. jdh2690 at gmail dot com

    1. Hey Janice! Heh heh I was certain Sir Paul wrote that song for me when I was little... ;) Thanks for joining in the fun, and I'm glad we "met" too! Happy Hopping!

  4. Enjoyed reading the excerpt, book sounds really good. Look forward to reading it.
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  5. Thanks for playing, Jean, and I'm glad you liked the excerpt. These characters are near and dear. Hope you'll pop by my other hop (the post just before this one) and join in the fun there as well. Good luck!

  6. Thank you for participating in the hop. I love a Cowboy Hop because they are varied from all other hops I participate in. I appreciate the Cowboy and love reading all kinds Cowboy stories. Most are portrayed as born in America men and women but, immigrants are not often thought of as a cowboy. It's nice to see a series that includes how America became what it is.

    cmucha319 AT yahoo DOT com

    1. Oh thank you, CBarton. I was surprised how many people did not realize how immigrants truly made the Old West great. We don't think about it much since most cowboys and ranchers are portrayed as Anglo-American in the movies, but the truth is that people came for all over the world to settle here. Good luck--I'll be drawing a winner tomorrow. (Well, Fritz will be choosing the name at random...)

  7. I enjoyed the excerpt and will have to check out your books more. Thanks so much for the giveaway!
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  8. Your hero is a "bit of a dolt" and the madam is names, "Velvet Ass Rose"? This sounds like it will be a fun read! And, really, bastard cats always seem to choose me...so I think I'm destined to win. LOL.
    capefearlibn at gmail dot com

    1. haha Catheriney, yes! Believe it or not, "Velvet Ass Rose" really existed. The girls used some pretty descriptive names back in the day! Good luck!

  9. And the winner is CBARTON! I've send you an email of Congratulations!

    Thanks everyone for hopping in! YEEHAW!