12 December 2013

A Wicked Waltz now available!

The second novella of my Save The Last Dance series is now available from Champagne Books.
A Wicked Waltz picks up  the story of Maggie Pearce and John Harrison several months after they shared A Dangerous Dance. Fate, destiny, or some cosmic force has conspired to throw them together once more, this time on perilous turf: Maggie's hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona.


This is a story of friends conspiring to give destiny a helping hand in connecting two people who obviously should be together. The secondary characters in this novella were a blast to write. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

And don't forget how book are gifts that keep giving with every turn of the page. All of my books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and if you live in Tucson, AZ through Mostly Books Bookstore at Wilmot & Speedway.

Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate!

09 December 2013

Bad Blogger

I hate being sick, so I don't do it often. Last time I was sick was about three or four years ago. But these past few weeks have cramped my style in a big way. My own fault, I suppose, running myself ragged with the All-Zona Book Fest plus work. I should know better. So over Thanksgiving, when I wanted to have time with my son who was home for four days from college, I instead spent most of the holiday weekend trying to expel a lung by coughing. I'm still coughing at this time but less violently, allowing me to get a few things done at a time. Forgive me for not keeping up with my blog. I promise to compose something far more interesting within the next week.
Until then, faithful readers, stay healthy, get good rest, and take your vitamins.