26 August 2013

Ick, Aack, Heart Attack...

Damn, it's the end of the month already and I haven't posted since the first? What an inconsistent blogger... I have some good excuses.

Tessie Tarantula
ICK. I hate August. Always. No matter where you are in the US, August is hot, sticky, smelly, muggy, stormy, and full of bugs. The good thing about living in the desert is that most of our bugs crawl and don't fly--except in August. Little gnats that fly into your face or up your nose are not my favorite creations on the planet. Don't even get me started on mosquitoes, nasty biting bastards. When we finally got rain at our house last week, a scorpion and centipede decided it was time to come in. Fatal mistake. The rain also forces tarantulas like Tessie here to leave their burrows to avoid drowning. While they're out and about, they pick out a male, do the procreative thing, then kill him and eat him.  No wonder Arachne is revered by many matriarchal societies...

New paint, same cat.
AACK.  My men leave for a week and what do I decide to do? Relax with spa days? Catch up on the stack of books I've been hoping to read? Naw, not me. I decide to paint nearly the entire interior of my house. From cleaning, taping, caulking, and painting to cleaning up and
rearranging the wall art, it took five of the seven days they were gone. All this on top of the normal work of the week. (I still haven't finished hanging pictures.)

HEART ATTACK. I have a short story and  a novella coming out on September 2nd. I need to get the Amazon links to change my marketing focus with Bookbuzzr, so that's going to wait. I have two guest blog posts coming up:  Summer Cover Up on Love Romances & More  on August 28th and Savvy Authors Learning Center on August 31st . Nothing like looking at a contract now and then to realize you also have a manuscript deadline coming up on September 1. So I'm madly working in the rewrite/strengthening of A Torrid Tango, #3 in the Save the Last Dance series of novellas of which September's release --A Dangerous Dance -- is book #1.

The short story is the re-release of "Cymru Am Byth--Wales Forever" in Shared Whispers, now published by Champagne Books.

Oh, and on top of all that, the boy is returning for his senior year of college to San Diego, driving the family sedan. Talk about heart attack...

One a mom, always a worrying mom.

01 August 2013


"Today is the first day of a new month--RABBIT, RABBIT, RABBIT!"

Have you ever heard this expression? I was in college the first time I did.
I knew it was a superstition but had no idea how it got started. That's one of the fun things and/or curses of being a person who loves words. You can't just hear someone use an odd expression without wanting to figure out its origins. 

Well, according to Ted Nesbitt, this idiom came from England where rabbits and hares were considered bad luck. Which in itself most likely came from the very real situation of when a rabbit's quick scurry from the side of a lane would spook a horse and throw its rider, which was not a good way to start your day, especially in the days before antibiotics. Often a fall from a horse could be fatal and therefore one could consider it rather unlucky.

On the first morning of each month, one was supposed to say, "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" to ensure good luck for the entire month. Some deviations are more precise, such as to say "White rabbit" three times in the morning and "Black rabbit" at night. One version is to simply use the plural, "White rabbits" to get it over with more efficiently.  There is also the tradition in some families to greet a birthday boy or girl with "White Rabbit" to wish them a wonderful birthday month.

So "White Rabbits" to all today to save my tongue from getting twisted into convoluted knots trying to say it three times quickly. May this month be all good!

 Both images in this post are from: http://www.arthursclipart.org/rabbits/hares