24 May 2013

Seven Dress Sizes

 It's out now and available for Kindle AND as a paperback--

What is the worth of a woman? What is beauty? Depending on culture, commercialism, family, or our peers, men and woman have allowed society to dictate the worth of a woman based on nothing more than the outer shell of her existence.
There is no perfect number. No measurement or shape is safe under the judgmental eyes of the world.

No eyes can judge a woman as harshly as her own.

Seven Dress Sizes takes you into the lives of seven different struggles of modern females in a full scope of shapes and sizes, struggling to find the key unlocking self worth, acceptance of beauty and natural confidence.

I am thrilled to be involved with this project along with six other wonderful authors:
Dawn Kirby, Michelle Horst, A.T. Russell, Tina Carreiro, Jennifer Welborn, and La-Tessa Montgomery.
 So much of our lives is governed by how we see ourselves. Must we all fit into the same pattern--and what is "ideal" anyway? This book shares seven tales of what it's like to be too skinny, too fat, and everything in between on the journey of learning to love the essence of one's own self, despite the mirror.

My story is called "The Well-Rounded Woman"--the story of Dian Monroe, a so-called "fat girl" growing up and getting larger despite every diet she's ever tried. No one notices her wit and intelligence as she tries to blend into--no, actually become--the background. One chance is all she wants...but will she ever get it?

 You can read more about all the authors on Jennifer Welborn's lovely blog.

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