09 April 2013

The Jump

I will be making The Jump to Kindle soon. I should order one by the end of this week for my upcoming trip to the East Coast. Yes, I'm late to the party. Everyone already has one, or a Nook or a Kobo, or some other reader.

Not that I haven't been into or championed ebooks. On the contrary, I was learning to format for ebook publication way back in 2004--when you had to know HTML code to format a different version for every type of reader. (What a pain in the patootie that was!) But I read ebooks on my PC or laptop, so I didn't see a burning need to acquire the portable device.

But now I've seen the Kindle Fire in action and realize it can allow me the access I'd had with my laptop without the bulk and weight. Plus I can load that puppy with all the cool ebooks my fellow authors have written to read on the plane and/or train--without wearing glasses if I elect not to. The technology has evolved greatly and the price has decreased as most "toys" of the techno nature tend to do. Heavens, I remember when a VCR cost $700...

I'm looking forward to exploring this new gadget's capabilities. I may even figure out how to deal with apps and play Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. I used to love playing Tetris on the kid's Gameboy...do those still exist? 

Having this portable Kindle will let me finally, FINALLY read all the books I've stashed on this PC. I can hardly wait.

Wish me luck!


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