25 April 2013


I decided against the Kindle HD. Mainly because I don't want to be locked into reading documents only available for Kindle. Plus the reviews I read indicated Amazon's Silk browser is not equipped to use Adobe Flash, which many websites incorporate. Not that I mean to do a lot of web browsing on a tablet but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. No, I just don't want to have to hassle with upgrading a tablet to do basic things when I can get one that already does what I want.

I've decided to get a Samsung Galaxy 2 when my best friend takes me with her to Costco this weekend. Yes, it's smaller than the Kindle HD 8.9 but only by 1.9 inches. Kindle's big marketing push was all about how wonderful movies and games are on its bigger screen. I don't want to watch movies on a tablet, I want to read ebooks and stay in touch with email and social media while I'm traveling. If I can play a game or two, okay, but that's not the center of my universe. I'm so far out of the gaming world, my last big favorite was Tetris on a Gameboy. I loved Tetris. It would be best if this Samsung doesn't have it so I don't waste valuable reading and possibly writing time trying to fit long rectangles into square pegs in time with funky Russian folk tunes. Damn, that used to be so much fun... I have so many ebooks I want to read and review, I can't afford to play games.

Anyway, I'll let you know how it all turns out after my big East Coast Sojourn. Ciao, baby, see you on the Coast!


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