17 January 2013

Writers and Marketing

I love talking with other writers. There is always something new to learn. One universal bane of those who are published is marketing. It never seems to end. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, blog tours, websites, group chats...it can be overwhelming at times.

What free time I have I would love to spend writing, absorbed in my little cocoon of creation. But, sad to say, reality constantly demands my presence, whether to participate in my real job to put food on the table or to try and garner attention to my books. So I try to choose marketing techniques that 1) I am comfortable with and 2) don't take hours and hours of time.

My blog tends to suffer from my time constraints, and for that I apologize. I do try to post at least every two weeks if I can't get to it weekly. And my goal this year is to share reviews of books I've read and interviews with authors I've met (either personally or in cyberspace) so those of you who also write may glean information from more than just my experience.

I will say that hard-sell, constant bleating on Twitter or Facebook immediately turns me off. I don't know how many other folks feel that way, but it's not something I care for and, therefore, try not to do. I'm sure it's an effective way to market or people wouldn't keep doing it, but it's not my cuppa tea.

What does work for me are speaking appearances, signings, keeping up with Facebook/Twitter, and talking with other authors. I sell more books in person than online, but I hope to work on that this year as well. 

So watch this space for upcoming events, reviews, and interviews. I plan to include books and people you find interesting, perhaps provocative, and definitely informative!

Happy January!

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