08 November 2012


I am not a disciplined writer. There. I've said it for the public record.

Not that I'm against discipline. Just ask my son (heh heh). I always told him M-O-M stands for Mean Old Mother and I intended to live up to the title. But when it comes to writing, I find trying to set rigid parameters of designated writing time doesn't seem to work out for me.

Distractions plague me. While work is a big reason why I can't designate daylight writing time, it's not as distracting as it is necessary. For those of you who may not know, I'm a chiropractor and while I'm supposed to be "semi-retired" my office manager/husband hasn't read that particular memo--or maybe it's just poor reading retention due to that chromosome deficiency afflicting the male gender. You know, they only have one X; that other Y is missing an entire leg of capabilities... ahem.

See? I digress rather easily. But I have to say my biggest distraction is living in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona. Between interesting creatures wandering through the front yard and incredible displays of light, grabbing the camera often becomes more important than finishing a scene. Bad writer, yes, but how can I pass up opportunities such as last night's magnificent sunset?

A camera often misses the brilliant intensity of colors the human eye can see, but even so, my little digital Kodak works pretty well.

Each sunrise, sunset, or storm is unique. January is when the sky's kaleidoscope bursts with concentrated hues, so imagine this sunset times ten.
Can you blame me for getting out of my chair and running outside?

So now the task is to finish my short story between patients, meetings, and chores by tomorrow evening. Pray for a dull day and possible blah rain...

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