29 October 2012


Holy moley, October is nearly over already! As part of the Swag-a-bration Celebration of Readers with Champagne Book Group, I'm running a little contest--you could win an Awesome Box O' Desert Swag OR if you're outside the US/Canada, a $15 Champagne Book Group Gift Certificate!

Here's how it works: Answer Las Preguntas Locas (The Crazy Questions) on my Facebook Fan Page with a MESSAGE. Don't let your test anxiety kick in; these are fun, loopy, silly--and the answers will be easily found on my Fan Page or Website.

One of my demented cats-- either Fritzgerald the Tombstone Brothel Baby or Gato the Ancient Whiner, depending on which one of them deigns to participate-- will chomp a name at random from those who post correct answers. Sorry, special requests to rub catnip on your name cannot be accommodated because it makes Gato barf and Fritz tear up the furniture.  Again, send your answers as a MESSAGE on my Facebook Fan Page (look for the "Message" button in the right upper corner next to the "Like" button--and feel free to like the page if you haven't already!) 

What's in the Awesome Box O' Desert Swag? Take a look:

(clockwise from top):  a Welsh Dragon Temporary Tatt-oo, Pink Champagne Bath Beads, Arizona stickers, Native Animal Totems Notecards, an autographed book marker by yours truly, a sampling of yummy dichos (more than just one of course, taco-shaped Mexican cinnamony cookies; like a fortune cookie, but with Spanish sayings--and yes, translation in English on the other side)a Mexican Tile magnet, a piƱa colada flavored saguaro lollipop, and an Apache Tears worry stone-- all inside a Champagne Books Totebag!
Sadly, postage limits the Awesome Box winner to the US & Canada, but do not despair if you don't reside in either country: if your name is selected, you will will a $15 gift certificate to Champagne Book Group, which is good for any and all of my books there as well as sci-fi/fantasy books through BURST and erotica through Carnal Passions!
Las Preguntas Locas will be posted October 29th and the contest will close at the 12th stroke of midnight October 31, 2012. (Which makes it technically the morning of Nov. 1) The winner will be chomped at random and announced here plus on Facebook/Twitter by noon November 1.

So come and play: Facebook Fan Page!

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