08 October 2012

Ah, Enjoying a Lazy Day

I don't get lazy days very often. I don't think many people do any more. But it is so lovely to have one, isn't it?

"Missed again, dang it!"
Yesterday was such a day. The weather is finally turning into autumn, though we always have one late October 100 degree fry-day. I messed around on the computer, working on this and that. Took my cats outside for their usual unsuccessful lizard safari and enjoyed listening to the birds yammer on--probably laughing at FritzCat the Hapless Hunter totally biffing a pounce. 

That's not to say I wasn't thinking about writing. In fact, a plot for a wee ghostie story materialized in my imagination. I'm polishing the article and blog post I'll submit to Romancing the West in a day or so that will be posted in November. I find tons of ideas sprout when I don't have a time crunch pressing against me.

It surprised me when I looked up at the clock and it was ten p.m. I hadn't actually accomplished much on paper or in the house but it still felt like the conclusion of a successful span of hours.

So here it is Monday and back to the hectic grind of rushing here and there to meet expectations and deadlines. I thrive on being busy--but must admit I treasure a lazy day once in a while.

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