02 September 2012

Thinking About The Slippery Slope

Ah...Out of August at last! Sure, it's still 100 + degrees here, and yes, it's still humid with occasional hefty thunderstorms, but we've turned the corner into fall. And with that, we're headed for The Slippery Slope.

Clip Art by ArtbyMichelle: http://www.squidoo.com/free-fall-clip-art-images
I remember my paternal grandmother talking about how the years got shorter and flew faster as she entered the autumn of her life. Am I there? Have I honestly reached the Autumn of Life yet? I'm not so sure, but time tends to gather speed into the end of the year like a greased pig on a Slip 'N' Slide sprayed with WD40.

Part of that is definitely the weather situation here in Arizona. Summer is basically Hell on a Hotplate. Everything slows down because all the University students have gone home with their mountains of laundry and all our winter visitors have flocked back to Canada and the Midwest. September is the last transitional month; the college kids are back but they're still trying to figure out where they are. One hundred degrees still puts off most visitors, but they start to trickle in by the end of the month.

The social and business scene flickers to life. Concerts and events start filling the weekends--by October, there are so many events going on each Saturday and Sunday you'll need to clone yourself to attend all the ones you'd like. That piling on of events limits your time at each one--and so the impression that time speeds up is enhanced because it suddenly becomes more limited.

We're heading into festival season and already nearly all my weekends are booked with signings and seminars. Something about having so much to do kicks my happy gear into overdrive. I hate August because it drags and no one is here and there are no holidays or excuses to not work.

I'm so glad it's September. Watch for me at festivals and events from now till Christmas. I'll have the schedule up on my website soon. We're on The Slippery Slope to the end of the year and I have no intention of having time to even glance at the vacuum cleaner.

I adore this time of year. I'll be at Fall Fest September 22nd to start with...see you around town!

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