20 August 2012

Meet T.K. Toppin!

Today I'm thrilled to introduce T.K. Toppin, a fabulous imagineer of Sci-fi adventure who lives in an exotic paradise in the Caribbean. T.K. has graciously agreed to be my guest blogger today and share some insight into her newest (other)world...

First of all, let me take this opportunity to say thank you Jude for having me here today.

Novels by T.K. Toppin; banner courtesy of author
For those who don’t know me, I write science fiction/speculative fiction with good dollops of action, humor and (hopefully) unforgettable characters.  I embarked on my maiden voyage into the literary world in early 2008, laying down the tracks to my first tale, The Lancaster Rule, following up with its sequel, The Master Key and The Eternal Knot.

Since then, I haven’t been able to stop writing.

I’ve been very fortunate to find a place with Champagne Group Books, under its science fiction and fantasy wing, Burst Books.  And even more fortunate to find another place over at Ring of Fire Publishing to showcase my Marlin series — and no, it’s not about fish!

Cover Courtesy of Ring of Fire Publishing
 This July saw the release of my short story teaser featuring Jax Marlin, in the Ring of Fire Short Story Sampler Vol. 1, along with seven other writers.

And just who is Jax Marlin?  She is a super sexy and very dangerous vigilante who is pursued by the determined and unwavering Special Inspector Michael Pedroni.  It helps neither in their quest to carry out the law, as they see it, when they are both besotted with each other.

In the sampler, titled To Catch A Marlin – Purged in Fire, we find Pedroni following Jax to a pleasure station in space, who is there to stop a vile criminal of the extremely nasty variety.

The full-length story of Jax and Pedroni is due (tentatively) for an October 2012 release with Ring of Fire Publishing.

The Lancaster Trilogy is available in both trade paperback and ebooks from Burst Books.

Teaser blurb from Purged in Fire:

Jax Marlin had slipped through his fingers yet again. The repetition of this predicament was embarrassing enough that Special Inspector Michael Pedroni found many reasons not to submit regular status reports to his superiors. Not that they were particularly interested in his on-going investigation into the vigilante.
In the last year, he had traveled to almost every corner of Earth, skipped across to the Bacchus Dome, and to numerous space stations and ports betwixt and between. Now, he’d come to the Ring of Fire pleasure station, way out in the fringe colonies of Jupiter, which, in his opinion, was no better than Bacchus with its in-your-face, sexually charged atmosphere.

Where to find me:
Twitter: TKToppin

photo courtesy of author

Author Bio: 
 I’ve been working as a graphic artist for more years than I can remember.  Based in Barbados, where I was born, writing has always appealed to me – whether reading someone else’s literary masterpieces, or doing my own disjointed ramblings. 

Early in 2008, I finally received the right motivation to just jump right in and start writing seriously. You could say I received a very strategic kick in a very specific part of my anatomy! Not literally, of course…


  1. Once again, thanks Jude for this spotlight. Much appreciated!! A day late in responding, but, I'm on holiday so I think I'm excused. ;P

  2. I LOVE JAX MARLIN!! She is the coolest heroine EV-AR!!I cannot wait for the full-length story!!

  3. T.K., you enjoy every moment of your holiday! LOL
    And yep, Jax's story will be a fab read!