17 August 2012

Celebrating a Milestone

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There aren't many online sites that last longer than two years. Review sites seem to have the lifespan of a dragonfly. Therefore I am honored to be included in the celebration of  Long and Short Reviews' Fifth Anniversary Party this coming weekend.  I will be providing a Guest Blog about The Simple Pleasures of Summer on Sunday, August 19th.

Here's the LINK TO MY POST which is now live. Everyone who comments will be entered in drawings for awesome prizes including a Grand Prize $100 gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes & Noble plus numerous other gift certificate denominations, author swag, and free books!

What are your favorite summer pleasures? I remember how wonderful the first slice of watermelon tasted each summer. Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, the summers were an explosion of green after a long, dreary winter. Spring was a profusion of mud and rain; often trees didn't sprout leaves until May. And school went on and on and on through the first part of June. So summer meant freedom to run outside all day, ride bikes and horses, and go swimming at The Lake.

Now summer in Tucson has a whole different feeling. (Probably a lot has to do with being an adult now--pooh!) Summer in Tucson starts at the end of March or early April with the first 100 degree temps. But I love summer here. Honest. May and June are hot, that's true, but it's so dry that you can't judge the temperature right until you've been here a few years. It always amazes me how  cool  a mere 95 degrees can feel.

Summer here means slowing waaaaaaaaaay down. All the winter visitors have returned to their Midwest homes, all the University students have hauled truckloads of laundry back to Mom & Dad's. Ah the bliss of free-flowing traffic! There are rarely lines to wait for a table at restaurants and all the resort hotels slash their prices. The movies are packed though--and everyone brings a jacket or blanket to accommodate the air conditioning that is set on "slow freeze." The worst are the dog days of August--right now--when it rains and it's humid and the temps are still triple digits. We'll even go see crummy movies now...

So join me at LASR on Sunday--In addition to several other prizes (including books, author swag, LASR promo items and various gift certificates), they plan on giving away at least one grand prize of the winner's choice of either a $100 Amazon or Barnes & Noble GC, three first prizes of $50 GCs, a total of three second prizes of $25 Amazon/BN GCs, and numerous $5 gift certificates. Come and play!


  1. What time on Sunday?

  2. Hi Mona, My post will go live around 1PM Eastern, I believe. I'll post the live link on Facebook, Twitter--and here of course! :-)