20 August 2012

Meet T.K. Toppin!

Today I'm thrilled to introduce T.K. Toppin, a fabulous imagineer of Sci-fi adventure who lives in an exotic paradise in the Caribbean. T.K. has graciously agreed to be my guest blogger today and share some insight into her newest (other)world...

First of all, let me take this opportunity to say thank you Jude for having me here today.

Novels by T.K. Toppin; banner courtesy of author
For those who don’t know me, I write science fiction/speculative fiction with good dollops of action, humor and (hopefully) unforgettable characters.  I embarked on my maiden voyage into the literary world in early 2008, laying down the tracks to my first tale, The Lancaster Rule, following up with its sequel, The Master Key and The Eternal Knot.

Since then, I haven’t been able to stop writing.

I’ve been very fortunate to find a place with Champagne Group Books, under its science fiction and fantasy wing, Burst Books.  And even more fortunate to find another place over at Ring of Fire Publishing to showcase my Marlin series — and no, it’s not about fish!

Cover Courtesy of Ring of Fire Publishing
 This July saw the release of my short story teaser featuring Jax Marlin, in the Ring of Fire Short Story Sampler Vol. 1, along with seven other writers.

And just who is Jax Marlin?  She is a super sexy and very dangerous vigilante who is pursued by the determined and unwavering Special Inspector Michael Pedroni.  It helps neither in their quest to carry out the law, as they see it, when they are both besotted with each other.

In the sampler, titled To Catch A Marlin – Purged in Fire, we find Pedroni following Jax to a pleasure station in space, who is there to stop a vile criminal of the extremely nasty variety.

The full-length story of Jax and Pedroni is due (tentatively) for an October 2012 release with Ring of Fire Publishing.

The Lancaster Trilogy is available in both trade paperback and ebooks from Burst Books.

Teaser blurb from Purged in Fire:

Jax Marlin had slipped through his fingers yet again. The repetition of this predicament was embarrassing enough that Special Inspector Michael Pedroni found many reasons not to submit regular status reports to his superiors. Not that they were particularly interested in his on-going investigation into the vigilante.
In the last year, he had traveled to almost every corner of Earth, skipped across to the Bacchus Dome, and to numerous space stations and ports betwixt and between. Now, he’d come to the Ring of Fire pleasure station, way out in the fringe colonies of Jupiter, which, in his opinion, was no better than Bacchus with its in-your-face, sexually charged atmosphere.

Where to find me:
Twitter: TKToppin

photo courtesy of author

Author Bio: 
 I’ve been working as a graphic artist for more years than I can remember.  Based in Barbados, where I was born, writing has always appealed to me – whether reading someone else’s literary masterpieces, or doing my own disjointed ramblings. 

Early in 2008, I finally received the right motivation to just jump right in and start writing seriously. You could say I received a very strategic kick in a very specific part of my anatomy! Not literally, of course…

17 August 2012

Celebrating a Milestone

(LASR banner graphic used by permission}
There aren't many online sites that last longer than two years. Review sites seem to have the lifespan of a dragonfly. Therefore I am honored to be included in the celebration of  Long and Short Reviews' Fifth Anniversary Party this coming weekend.  I will be providing a Guest Blog about The Simple Pleasures of Summer on Sunday, August 19th.

Here's the LINK TO MY POST which is now live. Everyone who comments will be entered in drawings for awesome prizes including a Grand Prize $100 gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes & Noble plus numerous other gift certificate denominations, author swag, and free books!

What are your favorite summer pleasures? I remember how wonderful the first slice of watermelon tasted each summer. Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, the summers were an explosion of green after a long, dreary winter. Spring was a profusion of mud and rain; often trees didn't sprout leaves until May. And school went on and on and on through the first part of June. So summer meant freedom to run outside all day, ride bikes and horses, and go swimming at The Lake.

Now summer in Tucson has a whole different feeling. (Probably a lot has to do with being an adult now--pooh!) Summer in Tucson starts at the end of March or early April with the first 100 degree temps. But I love summer here. Honest. May and June are hot, that's true, but it's so dry that you can't judge the temperature right until you've been here a few years. It always amazes me how  cool  a mere 95 degrees can feel.

Summer here means slowing waaaaaaaaaay down. All the winter visitors have returned to their Midwest homes, all the University students have hauled truckloads of laundry back to Mom & Dad's. Ah the bliss of free-flowing traffic! There are rarely lines to wait for a table at restaurants and all the resort hotels slash their prices. The movies are packed though--and everyone brings a jacket or blanket to accommodate the air conditioning that is set on "slow freeze." The worst are the dog days of August--right now--when it rains and it's humid and the temps are still triple digits. We'll even go see crummy movies now...

So join me at LASR on Sunday--In addition to several other prizes (including books, author swag, LASR promo items and various gift certificates), they plan on giving away at least one grand prize of the winner's choice of either a $100 Amazon or Barnes & Noble GC, three first prizes of $50 GCs, a total of three second prizes of $25 Amazon/BN GCs, and numerous $5 gift certificates. Come and play!

05 August 2012

The "LOOK" Challenge


I've been tagged in the "look" challenge by Linda LaRoque. According to the rules, you're supposed to do a search in your work in progress for the word "look" and then paste the surrounding paragraph(s) and tag as many people as possible.

 So I am tagging the following authors (So please check out their sites and work):

Michelle Anderson Picarella: http://www.picarellawrites.com
Lorin Morgan-Richards: http://www.lorinrichards.com
Ute Carbone: http://www.utecarbone.com 
Kat Daughtry: http://thekatdaughtry.wordpress.com
T.K. Toppin: http://www.tktoppin.blogspot.com 
Matt Marine:  http://www.mattmarine.com
Holly Hunt: http://rhythempoets.wordpress.com

My "LOOK" blurb is from my newest release Dragon's Legacy, Book Three of the Dragon & Hawk series:

A blazing sunbeam saber pierced the edges of heavy velvet draperies and stabbed Percy Kindall in the left eye. Cries of sea birds floated through an open window on a blessed breeze off San Diego Bay.
He lay prone across the bed, naked, one arm dangling to the floor and one leg bent nearly to his armpit. A rueful groan escaped dry, swollen lips as he tried to shift away from the light. Deliberately sliding on his belly allowed his feet to find purchase on the fine Oriental rug beneath the four-poster bed, and he slowly pushed himself into a standing position. A heavy belt of pressure and furious throbbing at the back of his skull immediately informed him that the expensive scotch from the previous night had not yet relinquished its hold.
“Hell,” he muttered and put one hand to his forehead. He took a deep breath and opened both eyes to see a rumpled mass of sheets and blankets before him. “Ah, good, she’s gone. I need to piss.”
Slow movements didn’t jostle his head too much, so he made his way across the room to the water closet and relieved himself. At the sink, he splashed water on his face and ran wet hands back through the thick crown of dark curls to look halfway presentable. His razor and toothbrush sat in their usual places. He made careful use of them.
Percy looked at himself in the mirror. Not for the first time he wondered which distant relative he resembled. There was absolutely nothing of his father in his looks. The curls massed atop his head and around his face held hints of auburn in dark chocolate, matching the color of his eyes. The straight Roman nose and full lips were identical to his mother’s, but the high cheekbones and angular jaw must have come from a grandparent.
His clothes lay neatly arranged on an armchair in the corner of the bedroom, certainly not where he’d left them. He looked down at the scratches across his abdomen. Nancy had been in a hurry last night. The recollection brought a smile as he dressed. That was the best feature of The Canary Cottage: no time limitations. He kept whomever he selected until he chose to leave. And Fancy Nancy was definitely his favorite.
His gold pocket watch with the diamond chip face showed one o’clock when he fastened the fob into his vest and looked up at the soft knock upon the door. 

Dragon's Legacy is now available from Champagne Books, Amazon, et al...

Okay Authors: Tag, you're IT!

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Ute Carbone: http://www.utecarbone.com 
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T.K. Toppin: http://www.tktoppin.blogspot.com 
Matt Marine:  http://www.mattmarine.com
Holly Hunt: http://rhythempoets.wordpress.com