27 June 2012

The 777 Challenge

 I was tagged by Ciara Gold along with six other authors. My challenge is to go to page 7 of my current work in progress and post seven lines. When I'm done posting, I get to tag seven other authors. Hmm, who shall I tag? Oh and once I'm done, I challenge those seven to do the same and tag seven more.Heh heh, keep the vicious circle spinning!
And now for my excerpt. This is from my current WIP, Decently Large, rough draft of a short story due soon. Real soon. Hence one of the reasons I've been AWOL for a bit.

Page 7, 7 lines:And remember, 'tis a rough draft...

We drifted apart, each moving in different circles and different directions. When I received my degree in business finance and sent her an announcement, she never replied. And when Jake proposed, Amber never responded to my letters or emails. I thought at first she wasn’t getting them, that maybe she’d changed her addresses. But nothing marked “return to sender; address unknown” showed up in the mailbox, and my emails were never bounced back by the “Mailer Daemon.” The girl I once counted as my closest friend simply didn’t care. I never had the chance to ask her to be in --or simply attend--my wedding.

My seven authors to tag:

Matthew Marine
Rosemary Gemmell
Ray Robinson
Cathy Coburn
Liane Moonraven (aka C.Ritter)
Michelle Anderson Picarella
Kat Daughtry


  1. This, too, is an early draft that has been languishing.

    Approx. 7 lines:

    She opened the car door and her right boot had barely disappeared in the weeds that covered the front yard when she heard heard his growl and the distinctive ratchet of his Browning pump action . “Hold it right there. Step out where I can see you!”

    Smiling, Jen stood and moved over under the yard light. “It’s just me, Frank. Lois Lane from the Daily Planet.”

    It was the game they’d played ever since she’d taken the job at the paper. But, as Frank got older, Jen sometimes wondered if there’d be a day when he’d shoot first and asked the question later. She consoled herself by picturing the old man in his thick eyeglasses and figured the odds were good that he’d miss, anyway. She understood why he didn’t get many visitors.

    My 7 authors to tag:

    Maegan Langer
    Sarah Stevenson
    Lorin Morgan-Richards
    Edith Maxwell
    Kristin Johnson
    Sara Hillis
    Maria Bartholdi

  2. Ooh, Mona, this could be good! :-)

  3. Done . . . thanks for the tag Jude, your the best!!