28 May 2012

On The Radio

Donna Summer died recently. She was every bit an icon of my youth as Elvis was to my late sister's. One of my favorites was "On The Radio." It reminds me of "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack--the listener is certain the song/letter is a truly personal ode suddenly made public

 Music has always been an integral part of my life and certain songs not only evoke remembered images but smells and emotions. For example, only a few days after Miz Summer died, Robin Gibb  of the BeeGees also passed on. "Jive Talkin" got me through the summer job from hell at a local short order restaurant prior to starting my junior year of high school. I can honestly smell the grease on the grill and the tallow used in the deep fat fryer clinging to the nasty polyester uniform I had to wear. Ugh. I truly hated that job, but "J-J-J-Jive Talkin'" was about the only decent song on the jukebox in the corner. Thank goodness the BeeGees did "Saturday Night Fever" my freshman year of college, else I would always associate "Bee Gee" with Burger Grease. 

Disco may have been lampooned (in many instances, rightly so) but there is no mistaking the quality and amazing range Donna Summer's voice possessed. She recorded a duet with Barbara Streisand and definitely held her own--even though she had pneumonia during the taping.  "On The Radio" didn't utilize as much of her vocal power as other songs, but it kept me tapping the steering wheel as I listened on long drives. It was a great song to howl along with in the privacy of your car.

Which brings me to Being On The Radio on Wednesday, May 30th. No, I won't be reading old love letters, but I will be talking about my writing, history, romance, and inspiration. Starting at 8:00PM Eastern time I'll be the guest on Lette's Chat on BlogTalk Radio for about forty-five minutes. You are quite welcome to call in and join the conversation at (347) 215-7302.  

We can pay tribute to The Original Diva of Disco, may she rest in peace.



  1. Wow - that's great you're going to be on radio, Jude - all the best with that! We were all sorry to hear about Robin Gibb in the UK as the Bee Gees are such icons here.

  2. Thanks Rosemary! I loved the BeeGees' music from their start in the late Sixties onward. They weren't the handsomest dudes on the planet but they certainly could create incredible harmonies. So sad that both Maurice and Robin are gone.