24 April 2012

Fighting to Connect

Blogger's new interface sucks diseased donkey gonads.

Yes, I know I should just come out and say what I'm really thinking instead of pussyfooting around, but it's true. It isn't just a question of changing what I'm used to. i like to think I can go with the flow as I need, that I'm not to the old and crotchety stage of hating any and ALL change. But these new changes are making it nearly im-freakin-possible for me to view one of the other blogs I post on: The Writers Vineyard.

I can't just click on my bookmark and see the blog. I can't even type in the url and see the blog. And now, with the "new interface" I can't go to my dashboard now from my own blog site. I have to go to my son's blog, click on "dashboard" and then I get to see the list of blogs.

But that still doesn't let me see The Writers Vineyard. Nooooooo. I can compose a new post but when I click on preview, I get "Firefox can't connect to this site." Which is also what I get if I click on "view" beneath previously posted entries, the titles of said entries, view blog from the dashboard, or pretty much any other way I can think of to get to the home page.

I have to search for it on Google, then click on the link multiple times before it will connect. From Google. Which is the parent of Blogger and supposed to connect to all things with ease and speed.

Yeah, right. And I'm a six-foot-three blonde volleyball star.

For those of you who are geeks, why yes I have tried clearing the cache, clearing cookies, trying different browsers, different computers, different connections, and even rebooting the whole damn system. And when you try to contact Blogger about the problem, all you get is a "forum" where you see many, many, MANY other people having the same problem.

But is there a solution offered? Is there any way to email the powers that be at Blogger to inform them of your difficulties? I believe that reply would be a rousing, "F*CK NO!"

So screw you, Blogger and the Google you rode in on. Get off your fat asses and talk to the masses. Else we all may have to defect to Wordpress.


  1. Woops - I can feel your angst from here, Jude! Worry ye not - I think. When you're on your blog, got to 'design' as usual. In the new interface, you'll see a box on the top left 'My Blogs' - click on that and it'll take you to your dashboard. I've just been searching myself and came across it!

  2. Ah, ta muchly, Romy! The most frustrating thing for me is not being able to see the Writers Vineyard. All I can do is see the list of posts and compose a new one--with no idea of how it looks because I can't see the preview. When i finally get connected on whatever fluke of the universe lets me, that's when I try to comment as much as I can. Stoopid Blogger. ;-P