18 March 2012

Preparing for a New Release

"How soon should I start marketing my new book?" new authors often ask. The answer is as soon as you sign the contract. The real question isn't "When?" but "How?"

Book Two of the Dragon & Hawk series, OUT OF FORGOTTEN ASHES, is scheduled to be released on April 2nd by Champagne Books. The continuing saga of the Jones family picks up two years after Dragon & Hawk ended. It's 1886, Geronimo is on the run, and Evan Jones has started horse ranching outside of Tombstone, Arizona Territory. Our story opens as Evan's mystic healer wife, Reyna, is overcome by a vision of her husband caught in a flash flood. Though she manages to find him at the close of the violent chubasco (desert summer thunderstorm), Reyna is worried that Evan's injuries will prove to be beyond her healing skills. Soon it isn't the physical injury she finds hard to handle; it's Evan's troubled past that comes calling, threatening everything they've struggled to build, from their marriage to their very lives.
Here is the forthcoming book's cover, created by the very talented Amanda Kelsey:

I'm excited for this story. It full of action and adventure but also the pathos of dynamic relationships. What happens after a happy ending in Book One? No one remains unchanged by the circumstances of life; stresses can break bonds as well as forge them into steel. Add the real history of the times--conditions in the mines, Geronimo's capture, the very real probability of serious injury in everyday life, and a devastating earthquake that thoroughly changed Southern Arizona--and this becomes a compelling tale of survival: past, present, and future.

For an excerpt, go to my website: jude-johnson.com.  What I'd like to hear from readers of this blog is what stimulates your interest in a book? What piques your curiosity?


  1. Jude - I have the same questions about the actual promotion of a new book, since my first tween novel is out at the end of next week!

    I'm planning an online launch next week to make it a bit of a party. But I haven't made such a big thing of it so far, unlike D.D which was my first novel.

  2. Thanks, Romy,
    I've tried a lot of things. I do the chats and offer excerpts, but on the other hand, I don't want to be constantly beating people over the head about it. A launch party online is something I haven't done yet, so I may give that a try. I've done contests with little to no response. I truly enjoy having guest authors on my blog and would do a blog tour, but I'm not sure how you go about setting one up. Sadly, a publicist I was excited to work with passed away suddenly in January, so I feel like I'm floundering about.

    All we can do is try new things and see what works.