13 February 2012

Please Send Me Daffodils

I love daffs. They are the signature perfume of springtime and all things green. When I was growing up, daffodils were often the first to send tentative flat stalks up through the snow. The bank along my parents' yard would erupt with verdant fingers through that white blanket with buds wrapped in fine tan membranes. The flowers would open in a staggered flash like fans doing the wave at a baseball game.

Now I live where snow is a rarity, where the winter is full of sunlight and warmth. I was afraid there wasn't enough of a dormant season for rhizomes, not enough cold for daffs to sleep and then rise. For a long time, I didn't plant any. Then one year, someone gave me potted daffodils. When they died, I took a chance and planted the bulbs in the fall

I was so disheartened when they didn't come up. Surely the desert soil, or the lack or snow, or lack of cold dormancy had discouraged their thriving. For two spring seasons, I had no daffs. Eventually, I forgot where I'd planted them and gave up.

But then what should peek up through the dirt and fine gravel around my rosemary bush but those familiar flat tentacles--I had daffs! Just a couple, and a wee bit scraggly, but they bloomed.

I must confess that daffodils have always been my favorite flower, long before I discovered they are the national flower of Wales. [Those connections just keep on coming in that weird serendipitous web I seem to have stumbled into.] So of course, when I saw my daffodils would indeed be happy where they were, I got them their own dragon mascot. He's been Rustoleum-coated black a couple of times; that desert sun turns true red into pale pink by June. But he's a happy Draig holding a daff:

So as the song says: Please send me daffodils. That bright blossom of sun can't help but add cheerfulness and smiles every time I see one.


  1. Reminded me of the mountains were we use to live. forgot about the daffodils and how it meant spring had arrived. Now in Arizona it's the lupins along side the roadway. But gotta love those daffodils.

  2. Thanks, Cathy. I haven't seen any lupine yet, but I love the desert wildflower. Happy Spring!

  3. Loved the post, Jude - and how lovely that your daffodils came up! We have them everywhere around the village and in gardens in spring, but only after the delicate snowdrops and crocuses.