15 January 2012

Learning Curve

When I was a child, I had the silly notion that once I finished school I would have all the knowledge I would need to live a comfortable life. Now that you're done laughing hysterically, wiping your eyes, and picking yourself up from the floor, remember I did say I was a child. These days, I know living a full life means the learning never stops. It simply shifts to different directions.

My son always reminds me I'm a "noob"--what used to be called a novice--when it comes to technology. I'm not arguing that fact. But I'm rather amazed at what I have learned to do so far on a computer since I got my first PC in 1996. All of it was born of my desire to write.

Writing is the easy part, as many authors will tell you. But looking at the basic mechanics of how to get that story to publication, I have to admit I was indeed, a total noob. I had no idea of how to set margins, or what "formatting" was. I didn't even know I could change the font when I started!

There are other people out there who know just as little. I think we forget that sometimes, those of us who have forced ourselves to forge on through setting up websites, blogs, and social media pages. We forget to explain how templates work, the difference between a PDF and Word, how to cut and paste, and other things we all had to learn at some point. So many times we assume that younger people know all of this as a matter of course, but they don't always.

Technology is so fluid, rapidly changing and moving forward like water rushing to the sea. I had never video chatted with anyone until last night when I Skyped with my Wombat friend from Australia. She had a camera, I do not, so it was quite a comedy of errors on my end at first. I could hear her, then I couldn't, then I could again. Trying to read lips on video was hilarious! I haven't laughed that much in a long time.

So my mission in the coming week is to get a webcam--well, maybe. I rather like not having to look nice while I type away, but perhaps I can come up with an ingenious way to look presentable without actually being so. After all, Jane Jetson did.

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  1. No matter how you look, your friends and relatives will only see the visage of the person they love and miss. We Skype with daughter Jodi, son-in-law Matthew, grandkids Brandon and Tori, who moved to outside of Atlanta 3 years ago. I miss them every day, but spending time with them on Christmas Eve and watching as they open the gifts we sent them and vice versa almost makes it feel as if they were here.

    In a couple of weeks we'll be watching granddaughter Tori open her birthday gifts. She'll be Sweet Sixteen. I so wanted to share that special, special day with her and will be able to, thanks to technology. No, I can't hug her and I'll probably cry, but hell, she knows that her Mimi cries for lots of things.

    So I'll work with my hair, put some makeup on and watch my 16-yr old granddaughter laugh and joke - touch the monitor screen and do high fives with my 6 ft tall grandson and enjoy that time with them;sure beats the hell out of an old-fashioned phone call.

    Go get that camera honey. You'll love it. MAH