13 November 2011

Cactus Cymry Released!

Cactus Cymry: Influential Wlesh in the Southern Arizona Territory has been released. I received my first shipment of books and they look wonderful!

Opening a box of books you've written is a far different experience than opening a present. The anticipation is one more of expectation than wonder. Yet there's a thrill to see your book in print, to hold it in your hands and smell the ink...it's totally cool.

I have to say that working with Paul Burt and Min Gates of Open Books Press has been a delightful exercise in professionalism. Communication has been open and quite frequent, and I could not ask for faster service. They have assured me that Cactus Cymry will be listed on their homepage as soon as their webmaster can do so, and they've already listed the book on Amazon (though Amazon has yet to upload the book cover) and Barnes & Noble so you can order a copy whenever you're ready.

Friends know how excited I was to initially have my manuscript accepted by Anaphora Literary Press back in August. Unfortunately, the situation devolved into a nightmare of delays and it was a mutual decision to sever the relationship.

This is my first foray into writing nonfiction. It's a collection of biographies of different men either born in Wales or born of Welsh descent who affected life in Southern Arizona prior to statehood in 1912, all part of the research I've done to compose my Dragon & Hawk historical fiction series. Some of them were good men, some were con artists, but all made an impact on the area. There are photos from the Arizona Historical Society, History Raiders, and my own collection scattered throughout the book. It's a short 114 page read, so if you like your history in bite-sized nuggets, this book will be just about perfect.

And of course, it would make a lovely holiday gift for the history buff in the family!

Happy reading!


  1. Woo Hoo!!! Congrats, Jude. That's so exciting.

  2. Thanks, Linda! It was fun to research these guys and their lives.