06 October 2011

Keeping Up with Keeping On

Have you ever wondered where the day goes? You think you're keeping up with all the little chores and suddenly, WHAM! There's a great big something you forgot about. Or you don't remember for two days that you were supposed to attend a certain business luncheon, or register for a seminar.

My dad's mother used to say, "I'm so busy all day and when I go to bed, I don't know anything I've done." I used to think she was ditzy. Sorry, Nana Opie. You weren't ditzy, you just had more input going in than registering. Now I know what you meant!

Maybe you have the same tendency...thinking you can schedule this group or that meeting in a sandwich with real life bracketing the ends. I'm finding myself overwhelmed at times trying to keep up with keeping on. Something has to go and I think the first has to be me saying, "Okay, I can do that." Because honestly, I can't. Not all of it.

I hate those words: "I can't." They whine like a petulant child. Which is probably why I usually respond to requests for my participation in something with, "I'll give it a shot." But when you find yourself scrambling to schedule twenty minutes to visit a sick friend, maybe it's time to back off and practice saying, "No." While that still sounds better than "Waaa, I can't", I find it difficult to say. But I need to, for my own sanity and quality of time with commitments I've made already.

How about you? Do you meet yourself coming down the road, or wake up in the middle of the night when you remember you missed that class you wanted to attend? Don't feel alone. I'd say join me for a cup of coffee and we'll talk about it, but I don't think I can manage it this week. ;-)

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