18 September 2011

Finding Encouragement

"Do you ever feel already buried deep? Six feet under, screams, but no one seems to hear a thing?"
 ~ Katy Perry, Firework

Some days I swear I'm Clara Peller in that old "Where's the Beef?" commercial: "I don't think there's anybody back there." Announcements, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, trailers, tweets---sometimes you honestly have to wonder if it's worth all the time invested when you don't get feedback.

"Where's the Beef? I don't think there's anybody back there..."
That's when a live event can really boost your spirits. Interacting the Old Fashioned Way: face to face. Sales can be good, great, or flat, but chatting with folks can bring all sorts of inspiration. Especially the folks who march to their own different music. I'm amazed at the variety abounding in the human race.

Example: Yesterday I participated in the TAWN Fall Fest with two other Gecko Gals Ink authors. I took it as a good sign when I sold a set of my three novels while I was still setting up. There were young, old, singles, couples, and families. Some had incredibly detailed tattoo work, some had piercings all over. There were old, young, and middles. One amazingly intelligent man stopped by to chat. At first look, most would have pegged him as a rough and worn biker dude maybe battling drug addiction. But no, he's a professor of ancient history and world religions who has lived in Southeast Asia for a few decades helping Habitat for Humanity. An extremely articulate man, I would like to sit in on a few of his lectures, listen to what he's seen and observed of different cultures. He enthused about how the common themes in world religions could be traced to the ancient Persians, and it started me thinking about what a great character he would make in a story.

I saw a colleague I hadn't seen in probably twenty years and we chatted amiably, catching up. Then I went to check out one of the other vendors, a wonderful local custom tile designer who had many Celtic symbols and sayings on colorful tiles of all shapes and sizes. I had purchased a few of her tiles before to donate to raffles for the Welsh League and for gifts. Don't we get to chatting and she mentions she will also be at the 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod in Los Angeles this coming weekend? We were both quite excited and have decided to collaborate on some custom designs that she will bring to LA. I'll add some to goodie bags for folks who purchase my series set. Win-win!

I came away feeling energized and reaffirmed. Yes I sold a few books, which was great, but the recharging effect also came from interaction with other human beings.

Sure I'll continue my involvement with social media. You have to these days. But real interaction sure beats Tweets.


  1. I compare it to that commercial for some silly vehicle or another, a daughter is talking about how her parents have no life since they only have 19 Facebook friends and she had 600+.

    We need human interaction and connection. That is what makes us human!

  2. You're so right about the difference in interaction, Jude - nothing beats getting out there and talking to people.

  3. Jude, this was SO uplifting and I agree with you so much. I'm always so amazed by the many talented, highly intelligent, creative and visionary people I meet in my meanderings through this life. If we open our minds and hearts instead of our eyes and invite diversity into our souls - we will be richer than our wildest dreams! I loved this!

  4. Thanks, Castusblaidd! ;-) Keeping eyes open should be the first requirement to be a writer.