07 August 2011

Procrastination Isn't Evil...

Procrastination can be the bane of writers, true enough. And yes, I am delaying the finish and submission of my nonfiction mss at the moment. But one thing we have to realize is that sometimes it pays to put things off for just a bit.

I've had a lovely unscheduled, unscripted morning with a dear friend. We had a lovely light breakfast (yogurt & granola, thank you), went on to a nearby Farmers' Market to get chilies for salsa making, and came back to my house to watch a couple of new episodes of Torchwood. Got to totally relax, revive, and reset. Now I'm ready to tackle the last bit of that Manuscript with energy. Yes!

What recharges your batteries, and do you ever feel guilty about it?


  1. Jude - completely agree with you. I couldn't function without my weekly coffee at a local cafe. If I'm alone, I write and if I'm with a friend we chat non-stop. Either way, I come home inspired to get on with writing!

  2. Thanks Rosemary! I think it helps break the logjam we all sometimes encounter. I spent 10 hours writing yesterday! Whew.