09 June 2011

Caliente Interview June 09 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email I almost tagged as spam. The subject heading was simply, "Hello" and from a name I didn't recognize. Normally, those are from some displaced royal in Ghana or Chad telling me they'll give me a bazillion dollars if I'll just lend them a few thousand bucks. 

But something told me to go ahead and look at this one. Imagine the surprise when it turns out to be a request for an interview for the local newspaper, The Arizona Daily Star!

"Summer Reading" was published this morning in the Arts/Entertainment supplement of the paper called Caliente My good friend and fellow Gecko Gals Ink member, Carol Costa, is also interviewed. (Mine is the fourth one down the page.)

An interesting process, being interviewed on the phone... I've done it before, sure, but that was live radio with Roy Noble on BBC Radio Wales. People heard what I said as I said it. But for the paper, the journalist makes notes and then goes back and composes the article. I couldn't help but wonder if what I said might be misinterpreted as one often reads happens. 

No worries. Valerie Vinyard called me back to clarify a few things, and got nearly everything right. The only misinterpretation I saw was she said I wrote ebooks for Fictionwise when it is merely a distribution point for ebooks, associated with Barnes & Noble. But that's a quibble. I would have liked to have seen my author photo in the print version, as I was the only author without one even though I sent the standard one I have on my website and here. Was it the wrong size or dpi? I do hope she'll let me know so I can correct the problem for the next time. 

Meanwhile, I'll keep working on my projects and enjoying the books I've recommended. Happy summer reading, everyone!


  1. That's great to be interviewed there, Jude, and they made a good job of it (aprat from the bit you mentioned). And thanks so much for saying you're reading my book!

  2. Thanks, Rosemary and I am hoping to get more time to finish Dangerous Deceit soon. I've enjoyed the first three chapters so far!