03 May 2011

One Hectic Weekend...

Goodness gracious! This past weekend was one for the record books, wasn't it?

First, the Royal Wedding of Wills and Kate, which to be honest, I really didn't care about enough to sit up and watch. They look a lovely couple and I wish them more happiness than his poor mum ever had with his dad, but the ostentatious show of wealth doesn't interest me enough to mess up my sleep patterns. I looked at the photos the day after, thought Kate looked absolutely stunning and elegant. William favors his mother, lucky boy, and appeared to be genuinely happy. But I guess as an American, modern royalty and their doings don't fascinate me as much as the history does. I mean, I'm addicted to watching The Tudors, and Elizabeth I is one of my all-time favorite strong women, but the modern Royal Family are mainly of German descent and seem to be even more dysfunctional than my own gene pool.

Second, the White House Correspondents' dinner was absolutely hilarious. The President poked fun at himself but Seth Myers' skewering of Donald Trump gave a brilliant example of biting satire. Trump was not amused, demonstrating exactly why the man should not be elected to any public office - besides the fact that he's bankrupted his own businesses twice. You can't be thin-skinned and be in politics.

Third of course, the real Mission Accomplished: Navy Seals Section Six taking out Osama Bin Laden. Yes, I know it isn't supposedly a good thing to rejoice over someone's death but this man was definitely on a par with Hitler, Stalin, and Idi Amin. And no, the threat from terrorism is not over at all. But it is a sense of completion at last, a resolution fulfilled that Americans are happy about more than the death of such an evil man. At least, that's how I see it.

So, how was your weekend?


  1. Interesting take on all those events, Jude. I loved the Royal Wedding, although I know what you mean about the expense etc, at least two of my friends are completely anti-monarchy. But it was more tasteful than usual in lots of ways!

    Can't comment on the second and, while I get how relieved and delighted everyone is over OBL, I just can't get used to the way it's being celebrated - but I do understand why.

  2. I understand, Rosemary, and in a way it gave me the creeps to see crowds chanting outside the White House after the announcement - they looked too much like the ones usually chanting "Death to America." But as an American who had family members in or near all the places hit on 9-11, there is an incredible sense of satisfaction that we finally got the bastard. Finally.

    And yes, the wedding photos were lovely. The pageantry was impressive. No one - and I mean no one can do pomp and ceremony like the British! I do wish William and Kate all the best; it can't be easy trying to have a real life with everyone watching your every move. Here's hoping they can remain as devoted to one another as George VI and the Queen Mother were.